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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

With the name of the publisher of FereeBird, we publish applications that you can use. These practices can cover a wide range of topics in the whole lifestyle field. It is published in all ages and genders by using restriction and warning features as well as addressing to people and for which age group they are addressed. It is stated that the user will be able to access these applications while the applet will access the device. As a FreeBird publisher we are very concerned about the privacy and rights of our travels. We take every precaution to keep your privacy and security at the highest possible level in every area where you can interact with us through our application. Our users who upload our applications agree that we will be able to send messages to their devices to inform them of some issues and innovations as long as the application is not removed from the device. No action other than sending a message is made and user information is never shared with third parties.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other Social Networking components we use to communicate with each other in the application when you install FreeBird applications are secure and controlled components that are ready-made and manufacturer-controlled from the developer pages of the related sites. Here as FreeBird; We do not have a policy other than the privacy policies of the relevant social networks.


In the context of our apps, we run ads from outside companies (Google, etc.). These ads may contain cookies and cookies may be collected by these companies, and we are unable to obtain this information. We use Google Adsense, We are working with companies, please read the privacy agreements from their respective pages.


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